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3 Reasons to Live in a New Home Before Renovating

What you should know before renovating your new property.


In today’s market, many buyers forego fixer-uppers for move-in ready homes. As a result, significant opportunity abound in prime locations as homes that need work linger on the market. In competitive markets, savvy customers gravitate toward these homes that nobody else wants because they can customize the home to their requirements and build equity along the way. Even so, it could be wise to hold off on the big improvement projects until after you’ve had some time to settle in.


Living in the home can change your time. You may have grand visions for what you’d like to do to the house, but while you’re actually living in it, these plans may change. It’s this day-to-day experience that will inform your home improvement decisions.


You need time to plan. Any renovation, no matter how small, should be designed with care. That means speaking with multiple architects, contractors or designers to get quotes and their take on your ideas. Talking to these people while under the constraints of an escrow period is likely to cause problems for you later on.


You may need a break. Buying a home and moving is a massive undertaking. It is often a shock to your daily routine and your finances. A home renovation can be another big and stressful project, what with all the decisions to make and contractors to deal with. You may find that you need a bit of a breather once you’re in your new home.


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