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4 Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property

Remember to ask these questions when looking at a potential purchase.

When you’re buying your next (or first!) property, viewing a house is an exciting, albeit slightly daunting, experience. Few of us are experts when it comes to things like structural engineering and plumbing, and there are also possible surveyor fees to calculate as well as what the neighborhood is like. It’s no wonder homebuyers find themselves with their head spinning before they have even stepped in the door. To help, we’ve rounded up a few questions that you should ask when viewing your next potential property.

Why is the current owner selling the house?

It’s natural to avoid asking this question for fear of appearing nosey. You may find that the owner has a valid excuse of why they are selling the property. If the owner is hoping to move quickly, they may be willing to accept a lower price.

How long as the house been on the market?
If the home has been on the market for some time (three months or more, usually), then it may be an indicator that something isn’t right. Other buyers may have noticed an issue that you have not – to pay close attention to the property, location, and price. Ask the real estate agent their thoughts on why the property has been on the market for so long.

What is included in the sale?
Many buyers assume that most of the appliances and fixtures are included in the sale of the property. However, this is not always the case. Some fittings may be included, but you should always ask to be sure. Also, get an idea of where the property boundary is and whether sheds and greenhouses are included.

How old is the house?

This is important to know simply because older houses tend to be more expensive to maintain. The age could give an indication of whether or not you may have to spend some funds to replace the plumbing and electrical systems.

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