5 Practical Tips to Make Your Home Sale Ready

5 Practical Tips to Make Your Home Sale Ready

The housing market goes in cycles, but you need to position your property as competitively as possible during a hot market. Big investors have been on a buying spree, but they only buy what looks like a good investment. The best way to showcase a home for sale is to pay close attention to the following tips.

  1. Clean out Old Junk

Most homeowners collect junk over the years that ends up in the garage just to take up space. Move out all your junk so that clutter doesn’t become a safety issue or eyesore during the walkthrough. Besides, clearing out clutter frees the mind to envision where to place new furniture.

  1. Remove Personal Items

It’s best to remove family photos and other personal items so that the prospect can envision it as their next home. Take away all the reminders that it’s a used home so that the prospect experiences the walkthrough with a more open mind.

  1. Focus on Fixing Minor Repairs

The worst little problems in a home can be air or water leaks. If neglected, these leaks can expand and create more expensive problems. Look for little holes and fill them in with a strong sealant.

Even small holes can look like big problems, and sometimes they are caused by termites or critters from the outside world. If a wall has multiple cracks in the paint, give it a paint job.

Check all your built-in home appliances and lights to make sure they function properly. Homebuyers typically don’t want a stack of repair bills to go along with their new residence. So fix as much as you can on your own and hire specialists to fix things like a leaky roof or faulty HVAC system.

  1. Give the Home a Deep Cleaning

One of the most important subtle hints of cleanliness is shine. Are the floors mopped to the point they have a nice shine? If there’s dirt on the floor, it definitely isn’t going to have a shiny effect.

Go through the entire home and remove any dirt or debris on walls, floors, doors, and windows. Look for dust that builds up in places where it’s not visible from a distance.

  1. Remove Bad Odors

Bad odors can come from many sources, particularly pets like dogs. You don’t want to showcase your home to anyone when a foul odor is present.

People may not remember every nuance about a home, but it’s difficult to forget something that smells. Make the extra effort to open windows and ensure proper ventilation when you need it to smell fresh.

Selling a home in a hot market takes preparation and renovation. Contact the experts at Andraya Coulter when you need a home loan specialist. We are here to facilitate your move to better places.


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