A Guide for Staging Your Bathrooms When Preparing to Sell Your House

A Guide for Staging Your Bathrooms When Preparing to Sell Your House

Bathrooms demand constant attention to remain clean. This is especially true if you are staging your house for a sale and you have frequent visitors to your house. Along with focusing on the major aspects like repainting chipped or faded walls,  updating your landscaping, and cleaning your home, you also need to focus on staging important rooms that can increase your home’s value, including the bathroom. Here’s a look at the importance of staging bathrooms as a strategy for maintaining a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere when you intend to sell your home.

What Does Staging a Bathroom Comprise?

Staging a bathroom is a process that involves multiple facets. By following these tips, you can renovate a bathroom’s appearance and maximize its appeal:

  • Provide adequate lighting: Usually, darker bathrooms cause a smaller, closed-in feeling, while proper lighting creates a more open atmosphere. Adding high voltage bulbs with a backlit LED mirror helps light up a bathroom.
  • Basic remodeling: Some simple bathroom renovation strategies include updating tile or showerheads. Filling in cracks around windows and doors will prevent bug invasions.
  • Select neutral colors: Avoid bright or clashing colors that overdo it. If you plan on selling your home, you can increase the appeal of bathrooms by using neutral colors.
  • Manage personal items: Hide all personal items, like razors, shampoo, etc., from view when staging your bathroom. Removing personal items and things that clutter the room gives it a cleaner and more spacious look.
  • Add finesse to the ambiance – Use subtle imagery such as fluffy white towels, a fresh bar of soap in a clean dish, etc., to help make the ambiance more attractive.
  • Eliminate odors – It’s imperative to overpower any unpleasant odors with an air freshener or relaxing scents such as lavender because bathrooms tend to be the smelliest rooms.
  • Keep toilet lid shut – Leaving the toilet lid open looks like an eyesore to many people, especially potential home buyers. Keep the toilets clean and their lids closed to increase your home appeal.

Bathroom Cleaning Basics

One of your top goals as a homeowner should be to regularly inspect your property to remove mold, mildew, and other indoor allergens. Mold can spread as a health hazard and produce a bad odor. Another consequence of this moisture buildup is it can cause discoloring of paint and stained tiling.

Even when a bathroom is clean, a discolored appearance of paint can create negative perceptions of unsanitary conditions. You can paint over old or cracked paint with a solution that contains mildewcide. For discoloration, you can use bleach to clean mildew from the surface.

A stain from mildew should change colors in a matter of seconds when you apply bleach. Rust stains can be cleaned with kerosene. For deep cleaning, use a solution composed of warm water and vinegar. A mix of water and ammonia is a stronger solution to clean hard-to-remove mildew.

When you plan on buying a new home, make sure you go on a thorough walkthrough to inspect the bathrooms. Above all, the rooms should appear shiny and new regardless of age. Home loan specialist Andraya Coulter can help you find the right home loans at affordable rates whenever you want to buy a new house. Contact us today for more information.


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