Curb Appeal Tricks to Attract Home Buyers

Curb Appeal Tricks to Attract Home Buyers

Try these curb appeal tricks to make your home appeal to home buyers.

Is your home on the market? Are you thinking of listing it to move into your dream home? If so, you will want to ramp up your home’s curb appeal. The outside of your home is the first thing that potential buyers see, so you will want to make a good first impression. To help, we’ve lined up a few essential curb appeal tricks that can impress home buyers. 

  • Give your front door a facelift – Give your front door a fresh lick of paint (or paint it a new, bold color!) and molding for a grand entrance to your home!
  • Painting or re-painting – This is a great way to drastically alter your home’s curb appeal and it may be the perfect option if you want to give your house a brand new look. Give your exterior walls some flair by picking a color different than what was previously on your house
  • Change the light fixture – This brightens up the house while creating a safe and inviting environment.
  • Make the bed – Groomed garden beds indicate that the home has been well-maintained. Add some fresh, spring flowers, remove dead weeds and any debris to tidy and brighten up your front garden.
  • Prune and divide – Trim shrubs, making sure to remove dead branches. Get rid of dead or diseased plants in the landscape. If you have perennial plants that have gotten too big, divide them and plant them in other places around the landscape.
  • Trim the trees – Your home needs to be visible from the curb so cut overgrown bushes and trees that blockage the driveway, path, or windows!
  • Wash away the dirt – Many homeowners never realize how dirty their house gets! Especially in Southern California, the dust and dry weather can wreak havoc on our home’s exterior. Turn your garden hose to the strongest setting to eradicate any dirt from the house and driveway.
  • Fence around the yard – A small and neat fence is a great way to give your home a nice and cozy look.
  • Let in light – Clean the windows – inside and outside – to make them sparkle!

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