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What You Can Do While Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Is your neighbor playing their music too loud? Not only can noise of any kind can be unsettling, but it’s also a health hazard. Unfortunately, living in apartments, condos, or townhouses usually comes with this peril. Whether it’s loud music, excessive barking in dogs, or the sound of screaming kids that gets under your skin, dealing with noisy neighbors can be tricky because these are people you’re running into or interacting with on a regular, long-term basis.

Fortunately, there are diplomatic ways to resolve the issue of noisy tenants next door or upstairs. Here’s how to deal with loud neighbors:

Knock courteously

Try courteously knocking on the adjoining wall a couple of times. It may be what you need to do to get the message across to your neighbor. Since knocking is less intrusive, the approach should come first before you can consider going over to speak to your neighbor in person. Remember not to pound on the wall aggressively—a subtle signal may be enough to get the individual in question to keep it down.

Have a polite conversation with the neighbor

If a courtesy knock doesn’t get you the expected reaction, try an in-person conversation. So, head on over to the neighbor’s house, but don’t be confrontational about it. You may be surprised to learn that the neighbor thinks that everyone enjoys listening to their music. Or they might not even be aware that the volume is too high.

You could even try reasoning out with the neighbor, especially if you have a genuine reason why the noise is bothering you. For example, you’d probably turn down the volume if you realized that it’s disrupting a sleeping child. Most people in your neighborhood would probably never mind making a similar sacrifice for you or your child.

Help by offering solutions

You may not be part of the noise problem, but you could help by suggesting a solution. Here are some practical suggestions.

Headphones: Maybe your neighbor doesn’t realize that they can use headphones with extra-long cords to listen to loud music without causing a public disturbance.

Muffling footstep noise with rugs: In other scenarios, the hardwood floor upstairs may be a source of disturbing noise because people walk on it in hard-hitting shoes. You may suggest using a standard area rug to help absorb the sound.

Wearing socks or slippers: Similarly, your neighbor may welcome the idea of wearing socks or slippers instead of high heels or certain men’s leather shoes when moving around the house. Be sure to politely float this idea if you can’t take the loud stomping upstairs anymore.

Keep in mind that you may have the protection of local noise ordinance laws. As such, in a non-confrontational tone, you could suggest specific times during which you may rightfully need the neighbor to keep the music volume down.

How to deal with noisy neighbors: Come bearing gifts

You’re coming around to solve a small but important matter, and your objective isn’t to rock the boat of good neighborliness. You can make your noble intentions clear from the outset by coming bearing gifts, such as cookies. It helps to set the mood right for the ensuing conversation with your neighbor. If the tenant next door accepts your treat, they’re more like to lend you a listening ear.

Escalate the issue with the relevant authorities

When friendlier approaches to dealing with noisy neighbors fail to work, you can always seek relevant authorities’ intervention. Here are two practical options:

  • Start by taking the matter up with your landlord. The property owner should guarantee your safety and comfort, and they have every reason to take action on tenants that violate rental terms, including any noise rules. Often, rental, condo, and coop contracts include a noise clause.
  • You may also involve the police if push comes to shove. A previously stubborn noisy neighbor may be more inclined to keep it down once things get this far. This option should be your last resort, though.

Hopefully, these tips on how to deal with noisy neighbors will come to your rescue at an hour of need. If you are trying to find the best mortgage in your budget, talk to Andraya Coulter for assistance in any such matter.


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