a home swimming pool

Does a Swimming Pool Increase the property Value of Your Home?

A backyard swimming pool and its impact on your home value.  

For many, having a backyard swimming pool is the American dream come true. No need to pack up towels, sunscreen, floats, and swim goggles and head to the community pool in a sweltering car. You just open the back door and paradise awaits. If you’re a homeowner, that vision of paradise tarnishes a bit when you think about the cost of installing and maintaining a pool. What about resale value, too? Will adding a pool increase the value of your home when you decide to sell?

There is a big difference between an in-ground pool and an above-ground pool. An in-ground pool is much more expensive and timely to install. This permanent investment is the only real way to add swimming pool value to your home. Above-ground pools are installed on the ground and are typically made of plastics and metal reinforcements. Even though you may have invested a fair bit in your above-ground pool, they often won’t provide value when it comes to the resale of your home.

Homes with pools can be tricky to sell. Pools are an extremely personal home investment, which is why people often only buy a home with a pool because they want the pool, too. Even though you were the one who paid the hefty initial upfront cost, the educated buyer is well aware of the maintenance expenses that go into owning a home with a pool, whether it’s above- or below-ground.

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