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Easy Ways to Attract Buyers to Your Open House

Make your home appeal to potential buyers with these open house tips.  

When it comes to open houses, there are a number of conventional methods real estate agents use to attract potential buyers to visit the property. Although many of the standard methods work (such as providing fresh food and refreshments), in today’s competitive real estate market, the goal is to help your home stand out in the best way possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Host a raffle

Who doesn’t love free things? An open house could include a raffle for gift cards or your real estate agent could set something up so that the first 10 guests receive a prize. These small incentives help to draw interest to your home.

Set a theme

If an open house falls on multiple days, highlighting key features of your home and neighborhood to bring the home’s best qualities to light is key. Connect those great features as a theme – such as Family Friendly where you draw attention to the good community and how close the house is to certain schools. You could also try a food theme where you print off some great restaurant reviews.

Catch their eye

Real estate agents should try to leverage social media to draw more attention to your property. Whether it’s through Instagram stories or sponsored ads, encourage your agent to be creative with your property so that it stands out and catches buyers’ eyes.

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