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How to Organize Your Messy Garage for Extra Storage Space

Everything cannot fit in your interior living spaces, especially when you desire to keep your rooms safe, less stuffy, and more organized. Fortunately, when you learn how to organize your garage, you can create the perfect space for more than just your car and auto supplies.

With a little bit of time and effort in planning and setting up your garage, you can easily create extra storage space for your belongings.

Here are a few simple garage organization tips and tricks that will help you store a broad array of household items, from fertilizer and pesticides to outdoor toys and gardening tools in your garage space.

1. Sort and categorize

Making the best use of your garage space begins with sorting and categorizing items. Here are practical ideas for doing the same:
• Remove objects that are no longer in use
• Categorize items into groups based on type or purpose, such as sporting equipment or gardening tools. This would make it a lot easier to access specific items as and when the need arises.
• Store belongings in plastic containers. You may use transparent or opaque, labeled containers to store and protect your belongings from pest infestation.

2. Assign a Specific Location Based on Frequency of Usage

Be sure to position items in a thoughtful way to access them quickly. If you’re using stackable containers, place the most frequently used ones on top. Similarly, position regularly used items, such as cleaning supplies, near the door.

3. Harness Wall-mount Storage

Wall-mount storage can prove to be one of the most practical garage organization tools when utilized correctly. There are many options worth exploring to make the most of your garage space, including pegboard, open shelving, panels, and closed cabinetry. Items stored in these wall-mount structures are easier to spot and access.

Consider your budget and personal preferences when choosing the ideal wall-mount storage type. For example, with an assortment of pegboard hooks, clamps, and bins, you can create off-the-wall garage storage for organizing various tools.

4. Use the garage ceiling

You can fasten certain items to your garage ceiling in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the movement of the garage door. This out-of-the-way storage space is ideal for storing tools that are seldom used, such as ladders and some seasonal tree care equipment. You can also suspend items by straps secured to the ceiling joist.

5. Make safety a priority

Make the safety of property and life a priority as you learn how to organize a messy garage. That includes figuring out what not to store in the garage. For example, flammable/explosive materials and anything else that can easily catch fire, such as gasoline and propane, shouldn’t be stored in the garage.

Make sure to keep hazardous materials out of the reach of children or pets. Never keep gardening chemicals out in the open instead, lock them up in cabinets. Similarly, keep power tools or sharp objects that could cause personal injury in a secure location.

Strategically setting up your garage storage space enables you to access your tools and other belongings quickly. It’s also an ideal plan for creating an efficient working area. Fortunately, you can pull it off with the above easy-to-follow garage organization tips and tricks.

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