Get Your Finances in Shape in 2016

Get Your Finances in Shape in 2016

Use this guide to get your finances ready for the coming year.

So many people use the new year to establish healthier habits and get some traction on a goal they have always wanted to tackle. So why not make this the year that you look closely at your finances and have a money makeover? Just think how great you’ll feel with a high credit score and debts in order!

Take a magnifying glass to your financial products and services.

Look at each bill individually and your credit cards.  Be sure to look at all of your insurance, home loans, and car loans.  What may have been a good deal for you a few years ago, might be a bad deal now. Shop around and find the best financial and insurance products for you now.

Are your investments doing well?

Take an inventory of all of your accounts and don’t take them for granted. Check on savings rates, fees, and industry averages to make sure that your investments are working optimally for you.

In case of emergency…

Do you have an emergency fund for an unexpected period of time when you can’t work or experience an accident? If you don’t have some sort of safety net, the ground can be really hard if you fall.  Make sure you have a plan in order before things get dangerous.

Conduct an audit.

Look at your credit report and go over each item carefully.  Are there mistakes? Are there items that could be deleted? Are there bills you can take care of now? Make sure your credit has good hygiene!

Have a plan with short- and long-term goals.

Make a budget that creates room for savings and write down your short-term and long-term goals.  Do you want a better credit score? Do you want to start saving for a down payment on a home?  There’s no time like the present! When we write things down, they have more likelihood of us putting our thoughts into reality.

Once you get your finances in order, you’ll see how important owning a home is for your overall financial health. To get into the right home in California or Texas, contact Andraya Coulter for your home loan.


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