Home Improvement Myths You Need to Know Are False

Home Improvement Myths You Need to Know Are False

Before you make home improvements to your home, there are some things that you have to know regarding home improvement myths.

You have a look at your home and decided that the inside of your home looks like you have traveled back in time. In your head you go, it’s time for a home improvement project. But is it actually the right choice when it comes to investing time and effort in improving your home?  Separate fact from myth with this edition of Andraya Coulter’s Real Estate Myth Busting!

Myth #1: All Remodeling Projects Add Value to Your Home – While many remodeling projects will indeed increase the value of your home, not all of them will. Failure to notice this difference may end up costing you thousands of dollars. For example, combining two small rooms into one large one, may end up costing you more money than it was worth.

Myth #2: Buying the Highest Quality Things Attracts Buyers – Installing the best materials money can buy seems wise in the long-run, but it can backfire. Depending on the neighborhood in which you live, you could scare buyers who are looking for a more economic home.

Myth #3: Internal Improvements Are Better Than External Ones – Not always true because the state of your exterior must be able to attract buyers in. If it can’t do that, then all interior endeavors are for naught. Make sure that your exterior is aesthetically pleasing so that people can have a chance to see what you’ve done to the inside.

Myth #4: Paint Hides All Sin – Paint can hide a few blemishes here and there, but things like dry rot, fungal damage, and insect damage cannot hide behind a fresh coat of paint. This practice is not only illegal in most states, it can also set you up for a liability suit as most buyers and judges will want you to pay for the hidden costs.

Before you make your home improvements, make sure they will improve the value. Contact a dedicated home loan specialist like me, Andraya Coulter. I serve the Bay Area and the entire state of California and Texas with quality, suitable, home loans!


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