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How Sellers Can Prepare Their Homes for Real Estate Photos

Get your home photo-ready with these tips.

When you are ready to list your home, any real estate agent will advise you to prepare your home ready for the listing photos to be taken. It may not always seem clear what you need to do to get your home photo-ready, which is why we’ve rounded up some handy tips to help.

Clear the driveway

Make sure that cars are removed from the driveway, storage units are not stacked outside the garage, and that all contractor work is complete. You want your home to look good from the outside and inside.

Remove exterior clutter

Do you have dog toys scattered around the yard? A stretched out hose trailing around the house? Perhaps you have a ladder still out from when you cleaned out the gutters. Now is the time to put these items away so that nothing distracts from the property itself.

Remove personal items

You want to ensure that buyers can envision themselves in the home, which is why it’s always advisable to remove personal items from around the house. This means storing away family photos, certificates, address books, fridge magnets, and anything else that is highly personal. This saves time and allows the photographer to focus on showcasing your home rather than photoshopping out faces and editing spaces.

Prep the windows

Window images can be really beautiful – only when the windows are sparkling clean and the window shades are open. Wash down the windows, remembering to do the inside as well as the outside so that your home draws in light and beautifies the space.

Have a plan in place for the pets

Ideally, plan to keep your pets out of the house on the day of photography, either with a friend or trusted neighbor. Shutting your pets away in a room and hoping the photographer will work around them can stress out the animal and put more pressure on the photographer.

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