How to Buy Your First Home with Friends or Siblings

Buying a home and getting a mortgage used to be something you did after getting married. Today, more and more singletons are purchasing properties with their friends, siblings, or unmarried partner. If you are thinking of buying your first property with a good friend or brother or sister, here are some things you should know.

The mortgage process is the same

There’s no difference between buying with a friend or sibling and buying in a couple. The mortgage provider doesn’t care if you’re married – they just want to ensure that you’ll pay the money back that you borrow. If you’re buying with just one friend or sibling, you’ll have the same choice of mortgages as couples. You’ll also be able to combine your deposit savings to get a far larger mortgage than you would by yourself.

Buying with more people

Generally, lenders prefer to handle applications from one or two applicants. Most will only take into account two incomes, even if other people will be living in the house or even listed as co-owners on the mortgage. If you’re determined to purchase a home with a group of friends or siblings, talk to a mortgage broker who can find you the best deal.

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