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How to Shop for Your First House Together

If you and your loved one are finally taking the plunge to purchase a house together, congratulations! There are many exciting times ahead, and this is just the start. When looking for the right property, it’s best to be on the same page beforehand so that you don’t waste time or get into disagreements. Here are a few must-know tips about how to smoothly shop for your first house together.


Write down your list of needs and wants

Separately, write down all the home features that you want and those that you need to live happily. Stick to just two or three in each category. Then, discuss. If you have opposing needs and wants, you need to work out how you will compromise. Create a joint list of needs and wants so that you know what type of properties to start looking at. For example, if you need a backyard and your spouse needs a home office, you can look for a property with a spare room and space out back.


Talk about finances

If you haven’t already, merging finances is a key part in affording a house. It can be as easy or as difficult as you make it out to be, so choose to transparent about your finances with your spouse. Decide who will pay for what – such as the deposit, mortgage, utilities, moving expenses, and new furniture.


Hire an agent

A real estate agent can handle the task of finding properties that suit both of your needs. Work with a local agent who knows the area well and who can advise on best steps to follow as first-time home buyers.


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