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Interior Design Trends to Look Out For

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or just a few upgrades to turn you home into something stunning, you might want to pay attention to trends that are proving to be popular this year. Here is everything you need to know about interior design trends to incorporate.



We all need to work towards being more sustainable, and fortunately, being green is in style. That means more reusable and eco-friendly features are being included in interior design. This includes using recycled wood for shelves, pre-loved furniture, supporting local craftsmen, and using glass jars to store loose ingredients (flour, oats, beans, etc.) rather than tins and plastic.


Navy statement walls

The color of the year is navy, and this classic and elegant color is all you need to make a room pop. It’s the perfect shade for a feature wall with a statement mirror.


Natural elements

Rustic charm is always in fashion, and this year it’s all about the soft earthy tones. Think oatmeal, burnt orange, and natural greens. Wooden chairs, house plants, exposed wood, and chunk-knit orange throws complete this natural and earthy look.


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