Ways To Keep Your Credit Card Secure

Avoid Credit Card Fraud With These Tips

One of the worst feelings in the world is facing an unexpected expense. When you know that a thief is behind it—as in the case with credit card fraud—it becomes especially terrible. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to keep your credit card secure.

  • Shop Safely: Sure, you might want to get that trendy little item from a small seller across the country, but it is simply not worth putting your credit card information into the hands of a buyer you do not trust. Do some research about a company before you give them your credit card digits when shopping online. Hint: If the URL read http instead of https, the site uses an encryption code to protect your information.
  • Opt Out Of One-Click: In our society that loves instant gratification, one-click ordering might seem like a great idea. Saving one-click information on your computer or phone means that a thief could be only one click away from spending a lot of your money, though, so it is best not to save your credit card information anywhere.
  • Fight Phishing Scams: Tricky identity thieves are now sending what seem like follow-up emails from a retailer from whom you just purchased an item. These emails will say there was a problem with your order and additional information is needed. Never respond to the email; call the retailer to ensure the communication is legitimate.

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