Choosing The Right Mortgage Lender

Adding The Best Person To Your Home Buying Team

You may not get a lot of say in what home prices are where you want to buy or the national average for mortgage interest rates, but you do get to decide who you will work with to get your mortgage. Choosing the right mortgage lender will ensure that your home buying process both makes sense and is not a huge hassle.

Do not assume that the lender who has the lowest rate is right for you. Sometimes, an unusually low rate can be a sign that a lender is not working entirely above board, or that they sacrifice service.

A good lender should do more than just help you qualify for the loan that you need, but can also advise you on the best ways to improve your credit score and help you understand how your mortgage payments will work with your overall financial planning.

To find the right lender, ask around for quotes. Focus on getting interest rate and point quotes instead of asking about taxes and insurance information, as those rates are less likely to vary between lenders.

When you find a few lenders with competitive rates, give them a call. If they respond to you in a pleasant and timely manner, set up an interview. Meeting face to face with your lender will help you understand if that person is committed to serving your needs, or just trying to push a product.

If you are looking for a Bay Area lender who will care about your unique needs and help you get the home loan you need to get into your dream home this year, contact Andraya Coulter. I serve Northern California and am here to guide you through the mortgage process, ensuring that each step of the home buying process—from our first conversation to the day you get your keys—is straightforward and simple.


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