Reasons to Hire a Handyman

Why Do You Need a Handyman While Prepping up Your Home for Sale?

Do you want to prep your home for sale and attend to those small home repairs but struggle with DIY ideas or want to avoid the stress that comes with it? Consider hiring a handyman! If you are prepping your home for sale and are thinking of hiring a handyman, you must consider a few factors before making your decision. You are probably already aware of one or two repairs or updates you need to make. However, after living in a house for a while, you can become desensitized to issues and areas that need repair. Whether it is forgetting about damages such as the one on the wall that you covered with artwork, or scratches on the door frames and stairs, or wear and tear from when your children were small, having a fresh set of eyes look over your home can help identify these things.

 Reasons to Hire A Handyman

Buyers prefer a home that looks brand-new. When they come for inspection, they do so with critical, discerning eyes that can spot even the most minor issues with your home. Some home repair projects are easier and can be completed by you. However, with the stress of preparing to sell your home, you may have so much going on that even simple projects may seem overwhelming or get neglected. Hiring a handyman will go a long way to smooth out the preparation process and help you prepare your home for inspections.

Here are just a few ways a handyman can help expedite the preparation process.

1. They can tackle odd jobs. A handyman will not be overwhelmed or get intimidated by the endless to-do list that comes with decluttering your home. They are the jack-of-all-trades with the required skill set to do the different types of jobs around your home. A handyman can be your one-stop resource for all the things you need to get done when it comes to giving your home a brand-new look.

2. You will save money. A handyman has his own tools and charges by the hour. They have less overhead and lower rates than a general contractor.

3. A handyman can discover issues you may have missed. He pays attention to the details of your home and will not look at it with selective memories.

4. You will increase the value of your home. A handyman will take care of any repairs that will likely sabotage a buyer’s finances in the future.

One of the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development when selling a home is to identify anything that can affect the health and safety of a home buyer. A handyman is the best option if you want to avoid delaying your home’s sale as they can have the necessary repairs done as soon as an inspection is over.

The Right Way to Hire A Handyman

Not all handyman services will be equal in quality. You can find the right handyman through recommendations from your neighbors, friends, or real estate agent. Your realtor is in the best place to connect you to a reliable, talented handyman in your area because, more than anyone else, they have a greater knowledge of what your home needs to attract top-dollar offers.

Don’t be afraid to interview potential handymen or ask for references, as they can help you save a lot of money and time. For help with applying for a mortgage or other questions about your home sale, contact Andraya Coulter. We have the knowledge and experience you need to sell your home even in the most difficult times.


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