Saving for a Down Payment

Saving For a Down Payment – Made Easy!

Keeping your money aside for a down payment and a home loan in California.

When we know that we must save money, suddenly the bills seem higher, more shoes catch our eye, and the idea of saving up thousands can become overwhelming to the point of frustration.

If you’re someone who struggles to save money, then these strategies are for you! Don’t let your instincts get the best of you! You can trick your brain into saving money for the long-term goals the easy way!

Make It Hard To Spend
If your money is hard to get at, those impulse purchases won’t be as easy to make. Move your savings from your checking account into a separate account that does not have debit card attached. Better yet, move your emergency fund into a money market account with a high interest rate and limited access.

Partially Save Your Income
Set up automation which diverts a certain amount or percentage of your monthly income into a savings account. This means that you don’t have to negotiate with yourself each month and you are consistently and productively saving money.  Out of sight, out of mind and your savings will grow on autopilot.

Create Goals
Set realistic goals each month that are within reach. Keep on track with savings by pinning a picture of your dream home to your fridge!

Match Buys
If you’re desperate for those new shoes, go ahead and buy them. But be sure to match the price of the new shoes with a deposit into the savings account.

The key to saving is consistency, determination, and focus so that you can afford your dream home in Northern California!  Contact Andraya Coulter for a home loan. I am located in Walnut Creek, but help all of California and Texas with financially affording their home!


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