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Need to Know: Before Financing a New Home

Financing a home comes with expectations, responsibilities, and costs.

When buying a home with financing, the process can appear overwhelming. Along with paperwork, credit reports, and meeting requirements of lenders, there is a lot to do and understand. Here are the top three points to get you started!

  • Examine Your Credit History
    A strong credit report is critical for getting the best mortgage with the lowest rate. When a lender looks into credit history, they want to see a reliable on-time payment history as well as credit depth. If you have a significant amount of credit, your report will be more appealing to lenders. Aim to receive a copy of your credit report before applying for a mortgage, and if there are any inaccuracies, correct them immediately.
  • Get Pre-Approved
    Getting pre-approved means that you can realistically look at houses within your limit, and appear appealing to sellers! You can prove that you’re all ready with financing by making an offer and submitting a lender pre-approval letter. This step might be the difference between letting your dream home slip through your fingers, or making an offer and moving into the home within a matter of days!
  • Lender Requirements
    When you are ready to get pre-approved, remember that lenders will closely examine all aspects of your life. You will have to supply contact information and provide documents on their checklist. They will look into your credit report, employment history, pay stubs, tax returns, legal settlements, as well as inquiring about past issues on your credit history, name changes, and addresses. This can be a lengthy process that can be shortened by supplying the lender with the correct information.

The process of taking out a home loan can be overwhelming, which is why it is so important to visit a strategic home loan specialist. For this service in Pleasanton and surrounding areas in California, contact Andraya Coulter! I can aid you in the process and help you buy your home this year!


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