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Surprising Things Ruining Your Home’s Resale Value

Looking for the biggest return on your property? Be aware of these things.


Calculating the value of a property isn’t an exact science, but it does take into account the property location, the health of the economy, market inventory, and comparative home values in the area. Beyond these variables, there are plenty of other factors that can negatively impact your home’s valuation at resale. Here are just a few things that could be hindering your home’s resale value.


An empty house

Empty rooms can make spaces feel smaller. Sellers like to have a sense of what a place will look like when it’s lived in, so a staged home is preferable to an empty one in terms of making a place look move-in ready.



On the other hand, too much clutter in the rooms can be overwhelming for viewers. If your house has too many family pictures, certificates on the walls, and personal trinkets, it can distract their focus and only see you in the property rather than themselves.


A converted garage

Although making a garage into a usable space such as an office or extra bedroom may have made sense for your family, but this change could hurt your resell price. It’s not often a value-add for buyers, who prefer a place to park the car over an extra living space.


Too much customization

If you have built-in cabinets or entertainment systems, it limits what the potential buyer can do to the space. They can be a real turn-off to buyers who have different priorities.


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