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The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Is downsizing the right move for you?


We’re constantly being encouraged to go bigger, whether it’s on a new tv, car or even a pizza. But bigger is not always best especially when it comes to properties. A smaller property can still satisfy all your needs. After all, more square footage doesn’t always mean you’ll be happier. Take a look just a few good reasons to consider downsizing.


  • You save money

Although there are certain fixed costs when it comes to purchasing a home, generally, smaller houses are less expensive. Moving into a smaller home within the same area will typically give you a large cash lump sum with which to buy. In turn, this can help you pay off your mortgage quicker or leave you with a significant nest egg for a rainy day. You may also find that your utility bills decrease in a smaller property, too.


  • You have more time on your hands

There’s simply less of home to look after in a smaller property. There are fewer rooms to clean, a smaller yard to tend, and even a smaller roof to repair. You may also find yourself less inclined to spend time at home, encouraging you to explore around you.


  • You make the most of your space

Opting for a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice décor. The internet is full of creative storage solutions for small spaces. Getting creative with your space can help you really think about your furniture and belongings and can even inspire you to eliminate clutter.



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