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Tips for Selling Your Home in 2020

Prepare your property for the market this year!


Welcome to 2020! It’s an exciting year full of opportunity. If you’re thinking of selling your property this year, it’s worth preparing yourself for it. After all, selling a house can be a long and exhausting process, whatever time of year you’re doing it. Knowing how to sell your house fast despite the housing market conditions can ensure you get the most from your sale. Here are some top tips to put into practice in 2020.


List it at a reasonable price

Sure, you want to get the most for your money, but listing your property too high can deter your target market. Look around the neighborhood to see how much similar properties have been sold for in the last few weeks or months. To save time and money, consider hiring a good, local realtor.


Ramp up your curb appeal

First impressions – even for homes – count. Make sure your home is looking its best by keeping the lawn in good condition, tidying up the porch, and using exterior lighting.


Find your home’s USP

Each home as a unique selling point (USP). Consider what makes your home stand out from the rest. As a property seller, be sure to capitalize on these unique features.


Depersonalize the property

No potential buyer wants to walk around the home and feel as if they are in someone else’s space. Remove all the certificates, family portraits, and personal trinkets before allowing visitors to view the property.


Take professional photographs

Most home searches start online, making the need for high-quality photos even more important. Consider hiring a professional to capture your home at its best.


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