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Tips for Your Home Showing

Survive the home showing with these handy tips.


Showing your home can be a drag, but it’s an essential part of selling your property. It’s not always fun to live in a house that’s for sale, especially when you have to keep it clean and tidy at all times. To make the process a little easier, take note of these tips.


Clear out the clutter – It’s easy to keep the property clean when there is less in the house. Your agent will most likely recommend staging your home, so get ready to move the excess stuff out of the house.


Get into the clean habit – The house should be spotless for showings, so try to minimize messes and dirt. That means leaving shoes at the front door, clearing off counters, and stowing coats and bags when you come in.


Engage the kids – Get the children involved by making an activity of tidying away their toys. Make sure everything has a place so that your kids know how to tidy up for a showing.


Set the mood – Before potential home buyers arrive, make sure that lights are on and that the thermostat is at a comfortable temperature.


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