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Common “Tricks” That Won’t Help Sell Your Home

If you’re selling your home, you may be looking for real estate advice online. While there are many useful resources out there, there is also plenty of misguided and plain wrong advice. To help you narrow down what you should be doing, it helps to know what you shouldn’t be doing. Tricks are often listed on the internet to help you sell your home quickly, but you may be listening to poor advice. Here are some common home selling tips and tricks that people shouldn’t fall for.

Myth: Sell your home in summer – only. With longer light hours, people will be out more often, kids will be out of school, and parents will be ready to move.

Truth: Summer is tough to sell houses, too. Lawns turn brown, sellers and buyers go away on vacation, and the market typically dips as the temperatures spike. Unqualified buyers may be tempted to view properties in summer because there is plenty of inventory. However, if someone is looking at houses in the depth of winter, they are usually a more serious buyer. In truth, you should sell when you’re ready to sell, regardless of the season.

Myth: There are a number of apps that can help your smartphone take stunning photos of your property that you can then use for the online listing and in marketing materials. There’s no need to hire a professional photographer when you can get high-quality images just using your smartphone

Truth: Hiring a professional photographer is always worth it. Although smartphone cameras have evolved to take great pictures, there’s still no substitute for a professional home photographer who knows how to work the angles of the room and make properties look their best. Lighting, angles, and flow are so important in real estate photography, and it’s not easy to capture with a smartphone. Drones and wide-angle cameras as well as the professional are essential for getting your home looking its best online.

Myth: Holding an open house is a surefire way to sell the home quickly. By making it easy for buyers to view, you can get more potential buyers in the door. What’s more, buyers seeing a packed house full of interested people can give you an advantage in negotiations and motivate them to make an offer quickly.

Truth: Open houses are great, but they aren’t always the solution. Almost half of home buyers start their search online. Open houses, especially in the summer, don’t always attract qualified buyers.

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